Lighting design sculpts the built environment and illuminates the world around us. Using our wide range of specialties and experiences, we combine art, vision and science to develop solutions that provide visually appealing spaces for our clients.

Lighting is more than just fixtures and sources – it’s about combining energy with ambiance, utility with drama, and safety and efficiency with mood and versatility. It takes an understanding of the interactions of space, texture, technology and purpose to design a unique lighting strategy for each project. 

Our Integrated Design Approach

An integrated design approach – one that interlaces multiple disciplines to inform the design and construction of a space – is not a new one. Presenting a series of choices and solutions early in the design process can create an orderly flow to interdisciplinary dialogue and ensure all members of the design and delivery teams participate fully and constructively. 

Lighting design goes hand in hand with architecture and interior design, and we bring our specific experience to design teams to work with architects, interior designers and landscape architects to select the most appropriate lighting for your project. Our approach to each project starts by understanding what lighting levels are needed; from there, we recommend lighting solutions that will elevate the aesthetic of a space, identify the type and quantity of fixtures needed and then propose which fixtures will best match the project's style and budget. 

When it comes to interior spaces, a lighting solution's uniqueness can come from the fixtures themselves or through highlighting or accenting a brilliant color, material or architectural detail. Because lighting is integral to a well-designed exterior environment, we select products that provide for safe night-time use while minimizing glare, lighting trespass and lighting pollution and incorporate layers of light to create a visually stunning exterior at all hours of the day.

We're familiar with a multitude of lighting fixture options and we know the optical characteristics, structural composition, reliability and installation details of most of the products and manufacturers on the market to recommend a personalized design solution. If we can't find one that fits your needs, we'll design it together. 

Leveraging Technology to Find the Right Solutions 

Finding a user-friendly control solution that provides flexibility and meets the requirements of various codes can be a challenge: today's lighting controls are no longer controlled via switches but are instead code-mandated; likewise, WELL and LEED certifications both require user-controlled dimming along with automated occupancy, vacancy and daylighting controls. Effective lighting design strikes a careful balance between easily maintained and dependable technology solutions that are within a project’s budget, and results that are aesthetically pleasing to the natural or architectural environment. We understand both current and emerging technologies and work to incorporate the appropriate lighting solutions into your project. Whatever your project's needs, we can create integrated lighting systems that not only add ambiance and drama but also save energy and lower maintenance cost. 

Our unique approach blends the art and science of lighting into a comprehensive, integrated lighting solution that highlights the architectural aesthetic of the building, uses advanced energy-saving techniques and incorporates lighting fixtures and technologies that are easy to maintain for the life of the project. We create systems that functionally and aesthetically enhance and complement the surrounding landscape and architecture to meet the needs of many users. 

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Lighting Design
Lighting Design
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