Crafting exceptional community plans is a journey of collaboration and enduring partnerships. By uniting our efforts, we forge plans that establish a captivating strategic vision rooted in practical realities.

While cities and towns nationwide grapple with shared challenges, each has a unique tapestry of human and environmental interactions. These dynamics hold immense potential for fostering creativity and enhancing life for all. At žžƵ, we aim to nurture community in urban spaces, fostering a deep-rooted sense of belonging and commitment to each city’s unique identity.

Our Process

We start by gaining a deep understanding of and bonding with the communities we serve. To fully appreciate each city, we travel to each town, immersing ourselves in the local culture and engaging face-to-face with community members. In other words, we aim to see and be seen. We can develop and lead a process that creates effective city plans by talking to people, walking and bicycling through neighborhoods and patronizing local businesses.  

Our broad experience in all aspects of planning, including land use, unique urban environments like downtowns and special districts, housing, transportation, parks and recreation, infrastructure, sustainability and economics, gives us the tools, knowledge and ability to understand patterns we can apply to individual communities. We understand the relationship between all these elements of city life and how each can reinforce the other to create a common purpose. Well-versed in both public and private sectors, we can create a realistic vision based on a solid set of ethical and environmental principles. We know developing a city plan is complex and nuanced, and our team has the experience to navigate each community’s political and social dynamics. 

We believe strongly in helping communities identify and capitalize on their strengths. Clients work with us because we produce measured, strategic goals that lead to an achievable roadmap for a brighter future.