Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

DEI at žžƵ

Our greatest strength lies in the unique perspectives and experiences of our people, our partners, our clients and the communities we serve.

In Our Practice

Our belief in the power of diversity pushes us to consider our work through the lens of intersectionality and how different and varied life experiences impact how and what we create. We meet people where they are and work with clients to develop intentionally inclusive processes that prioritize listening to and empowering many different voices and user groups to consider the range of people who will be using a given environment.

In Our Communities

We invest in and partner with community organizations that are actively working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at both the local and national level. Leveraging our resources and experience, we work to enact positive change by supporting initiatives that dismantle barriers and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities and around the world.

In Our Workplace

We're committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. Through investments in diversity and inclusion training and education we create a culture of continuous learning, raising awareness, promoting empathy and building cultural competence to instill a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.