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Lakes, rivers and streams are crucial to community health and economic vitality. We develop thoughtful plans and design sustainable systems that address the unique needs of local communities and work to ensure reliable, safe access to clean water.

We bring flexibility and experience as a leading developer in progressive stormwater management to every project. In addition to design, our team provides public and private entities with holistic plans and policies related to stormwater management. Our process emphasizes the development of ecological and social assets that are mindful of budgets and long-term maintenance needs. We employ this approach across all environments in which we work: ponds, wetlands, bio-cells, rivers and streams alike. 

Whether a site is one or 100 acres, we work with clients to develop sustainable solutions that address the unique needs of local communities.  

Site Development Design

Our team addresses civil engineering and stormwater management solutions at the development site scale, which often include site layout and circulation and utility design. We use advanced CAD tools to develop detailed 3D grading plans that are represented in three dimensions, a skill we've applied on projects that range in size from tennis courts and neighborhood parks to large multi-phase campus projects and large-scale development sites.

Urban Stormwater Management

As communities grow, increased usage of infrastructure such as parking lots and streets causes more rainfall to run off the land surface, creating potential challenges related to water quality, flooding and stream stability. In these instances, we can implement innovative stormwater best management practices to address the quantity and quality of stormwater before it leaves new development sites. We understand how to plan and prepare for the construction and maintenance of these practices at a community or regional watershed scale.

Implementation Policies and Ordinances

Experienced members of our team have authored and provided critical updates to technical standards, including multiple sections of the Iowa Stormwater Management Manual. Using this knowledge and resources, we've helped growing communities and counties develop policies and ordinances to better implement stormwater management techniques.

Regional Watershed Planning

A watershed is an area of land that drains to a common point or waterbody, such as a creek, river or lake. Rural and urban areas face different types of water challenges, and these different geographies require unique approaches to addressing water quality or flooding issues at a watershed scale. We have extensive experience working alongside various groups to develop plans that address water issues tailored to individual watersheds. These solutions range in scale from single-community plans to plans that cover dozens of counties and thousands of square miles.

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