Urban design has the power to shape the character and identity of a community. By closely collaborating with residents and local leaders, we create welcoming, sustainable cities that express the vibrancy of your culture, your history and your values.

Urban design is about creating livable and safe communitiesthat meet the needs of current and future populations.And it starts with community members themselves.

Engaging the community in the design process is critical for creating inclusive and sustainable urban spaces. Whether through public meetings, focus groups, online surveys or workshops, our highly interactive process seeks to give a voice to every stakeholder. Through these activities, we seek to empower residents to share ideas and concerns and work to give community members agency in the decision-making process. In doing so, we create attractive and functional design solutions that are highly responsive to the needs and wants of the community and that enhance the spaces where people live, gather and play.

Well-designed public spaces can bring people of all ages and backgrounds together and create a sense of community and belonging. Streets and transportation systems that facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic can encourage physical activity, while also reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Prioritizing walkability, accessibility and safety, can create vibrant commercial districts that enhance tourism opportunities and support local economic growth. No matter the city size, our design addresses the physical organization, relationships and first impressions of buildings, public areas and open spaces of each community to support their specific needs and goals.

Every project is unique, but with every design, we aim to enhance the livability, functionality and aesthetic appeal of a place while also creating opportunities for social interaction, economic development and environmental sustainability. With expert planning, intelligent budgeting and creative design, together we’ll craft a meaningful place people love.

I believe the best in urban design comes from a collaborative process where individuals with diverse backgrounds can come together to create and execute on a vision that is steeped in the authenticity of a place.

Bruce Niedermyer
Landscape Architect
Urban Design