City of Council Buffs
Council Bluffs, IA
4 city blocks in downtown Council Bluffs, IA
Completion date
July 2010

The Broadway Avenue streetscape is improved and enlivened by žžƵ-designed enhancements, making it a pedestrian-friendly, attractive and place-celebrating route in Council Bluffs. 

Brick screen walls, a unifying design element, are used throughout this urban streetscape to help visually separate the pedestrian walkways and vehicular parking. The screen walls include patterns that duplicate detailing found on historic buildings in the district.Columns located at the ends of the screen walls include ceramic tiles with postcard images of historic Council Bluffs that have been digitally glazed and fired. Streetlights duplicate lighting that was found in old photographs of the district. Driving lanes were reduced in the area to expand the walking environment from 5 ft. to 16 ft. A landscaped island was installed in the middle of the street as a pedestrian refuge and traffic calming device. Brick and color concrete pavements help to break the monotony of the concrete sidewalk, and native plantings enhance the pedestrian environment. A passageway between buildings was enhanced to connect the district with a city owned parking lot. The parking lot was redesigned to include permeable pavers that help improve stormwater quality and store a 10-year storm event.