Public safety professionals need safe, secure, and consistent training to best serve their communities. We bring deep, specialized experience working with local, state and federal agencies on strategic business planning, design and construction to create effective public safety training facilities. Our data-driven process leads to smart, sustainable facilities driven by the latest technology, from practical hands-on training props to flexible classrooms and state-of-the-art simulation environments.

Our team of planners and designers specializes in the unique needs of public safety facilities that offer state-of-the-art, data-driven training. Our goal is to design facilities to meet the needs of trainees, active first responders and agency leadership. We bring decades of experience serving clients across the nation, from small rural departments to the NYPD . We understand the complexities of working with local departments, city and state officials and federal regulations, so no matter what stage of development a project is in, we have the experience and know-how to guide you to success.

Strategic Business Planning

Our all-encompassing proprietary strategic business planning process is designed to anticipate the questions users, administrators and officials are likely to have, the result of which is a clear, easy-to-implement plan of action. Beginning with a needs assessment and working through an operation plan, facilities assessment, funding strategy and cost-benefit analysis, our team will tailor the plan to your organization. This process allows you to make informed decisions that are rooted in data and knowledge. 

Planning and Programming

Planning for public safety facilities requires specific insider knowledge. For example, how the sound of a nearby gun range impacts classroom learning; where to ideally locate a burning building to allow for sustainable water retention after training exercises; which training courses can share classroom spaces vs. those that require a designated area. We come to your project knowing what questions to ask based on the type of training and response required from the facility. And we'll stay up-to-date with emerging simulation technologies and teaching pedagogies in the field to help you make the most informed decisions as the project progresses.

Design and Construction

Our multidisciplinary approach means we can handle the whole project – from architecture and landscaping to gun range, burn building and driving course design. We select the most suitable materials for safety, security and durability and pursue energy-smart mechanical, electrical and acoustic systems. We know the ins and outs of situating specialized training props and have experience developing within both large open-space sites and constrained urban sites. Ultimately, our goal is to design spaces that offer the best possible outcome: first responders who are trained in optimal conditions within a facility they can be proud of today, and a data-driven operations plan that will set you up for continued success in the future.

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