Who We Are

Let's skip the platitudes and promotional pandering, shall we?

At our most basic, žžƵ is made up of many different human beings with many different passions, skills, talents and personalities. 

Some of us love comic books and anime. Others enjoy biking and hiking. Yet others would prefer to put on their waders and head out for a good old-fashioned Saturday stream clean-up.  

The beauty of žžƵ is that this diverse group of (sometimes quirky) individuals has chosen to join forces and work collectively to make the world a better place, one project at a time.

Our company has a mission that you'll see again and again: Create. Meaning. Together.

These three simple words articulate the essence of our company throughout the last 50+ years. Create is our what, Meaning is our why, Together is our how.

Like each member of the žžƵ team, these words have individual personalities and represent different ideas. When combined they have great power, helping us define our shared purpose and reminding us of our collective intention. 

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Creation is a result of every interaction with our clients and those they serve. Ultimately, we help create lasting relationships between people and the places they live in and love.


We find meaning in relationships and in people and the deep connections they have to their environments. When we find meaning, we achieve a deeper understanding of how to create the very best spaces to live, work and play.


Anything we achieve, we achieve as a collective. Our shared resolve compels us to create inclusive and meaningful environments that serve our clients and communities well.

Our Culture
and values