Public art is about creating connections, lifting the human spirit through new experiences and creating the opportunity for a deeper appreciation of each other and our built environment. Our work is recognized for its dynamic synthesis of art and architecture and its ability to connect site-specific narratives with function and purpose.

Public Art is a process. The Art Studio at žžƵ has created and led more than 100 public art installations across the country, each with a unique story and aesthetic. Our process is built upon the relationship of three important elements:Story, Structure and Site.


Understanding story leads our effort. We engage in site-specific research, artistic fact-finding, stakeholder interviews, community interactions and site visits, all of which are critical to the conceptual development of a project.


Every public art installation should strive to have an element of usefulness where the public is invited to touch, sit upon, walk through or be sheltered by the work.


Each installation is site specific to the physical and cultural nuances of a given location, both real and symbolic, historic and contemporary, with careful consideration of human scale and orientation and regarding natural light and illumination.

A balance of our three core principles coupled with creative connections and translations leads to meaningful public art outcomes. Through our engagement with project stakeholders, design team professionals and interested community members, we embrace collaboration as a source of inspiration.

Design Excellence — Citation Award for Small Project
AIA Central States Region
Excellence in Design — Merit Award
AIA Iowa Chapter
Excellence in Craft — Merit Award
AIA Iowa Chapter
National Hall of Fame
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Public Spaces Merit Award

Public art is a process. Through public engagement, the art of discovery, wonder and love of nature and beauty, we are inspired by the stories we learn about our clients and the communities in which we work, seeking to translate that inspiration into a memorable experience in form. It’s about the art of translation and creating deeper connections between people and place.

Matt Niebuhr
Public Art