Dothan City Center Design and Redevelopment Plan Recognized

October 26, 2022
Urban Design

Developed in collaboration with žžƵ, the plan reimagines the heart of downtown Dothan, Alabama into a vibrant, mixed-use destination.

The (ALAPA) has recognized the Dothan City Center Design and Redevelopment Plan with the 2022 Franklin M. Setzer Urban Design Award. Conferred at the annual award program on October 23-26, 2022, the award was nominated by the and is given in memory of Frank Setzer, the former director of the Auburn University Architecture and Urban Studies Center in Birmingham, Alabama. While recognizing more than six years of planning focused on the Highway 84 East corridor, the award specifically recognizes the work currently being done to reimagine the Dothan City Center.

The presents a powerful urban design scheme that skillfully bridges the architecture of earlier times with new and varied design schemes to accommodate the revitalization of the City Center. The plan, developed in collaboration with žžƵ, is the result of a community-wide engagement process and reimagines the heart of downtown Dothan, Alabama into a vibrant, mixed-use destination where people can live, play and work in the same area of town. The plan incorporates eclectic civic spaces where residents and visitors can enjoy and be enriched by the arts and entertainment and also encompasses spaces for retail services, lodging and residential living.

The proposed arena will serve as a host to sports, entertainment events and more.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing with the City of Dothan and honored that the City Center plan has been recognized with this award,” said žžƵ Senior Partner Patrick Dunn, PLA, ASLA. “Once complete, this plan promises to be an outstanding example of mixed-use development and will serve as an integral component of the City Center’s revitalization.”

The annual ALAPA Awards Program recognizes the contributions of individuals, agencies, organizations, local governments or private companies within the state of Alabama that have completed outstanding programs or projects or have made notable contributions to the planning profession.

Written by Erin Van Zee, Communications Director