City of Huntsville
Huntsville, AL
Completion date
September 2022

At Traveler's Plaza, a series of uniquely shaped arching metal forms create two semispherical dome-like spaces and a threshold experience drawing visitors into the park. Within the interior spaces are artist-designed "traveler's benches" that create a place to pause, drawing you in to gather, rest or socialize. 

This installation is grounded in Huntsville's history while celebrating the city's trajectory into the future, informed by engagement with community foundation stakeholders, the arts commission and Huntsville city administration officials. The word "traveler" has several associations. The floors of Huntsville's historic textile mills are embedded with thousands of ring travelers that once twisted raw fiber into finished thread. In addition, Huntsville's identity is entwined with the history and the future of space travel. And today, as a global STEM center, Huntsville leads the world as we travel into a tech-driven future. Circulating through the site, these art installations serve as a visual link between Big Spring Park and the Community Foundation park, each installation exploring the theme of trajectory.

Traveler’s Benches, based on the traveler rings found embedded throughout the floors of the local textile mills, create a place to gather, rest, or socialize.
Travelers creates a gateway experience along the southern edge of Big Spring Park.
At dusk, the spheres glow as beacons, illuminated by in-grade LED fixtures.