Iowa State University

Core Facility

Iowa State University
Ames, IA
40,000 SF
Completion date
June 2016

The new facility is designed around a core of collaboration spaces supporting a wide range of interaction and engagement: social, professional, educational, from startup to established multinational corporations. 

The facility brings together previously separate services and expertise related to ISU's economic development and company assistance programs, as well as the administration and services of the ISU Research Park.The design supports the clients' desire to foster a culture of engagement and exchange recognizing the value of people forming relationships.   The building's lobby and centrally located "Hub Commons" is a large open active space for exchange that supports scheduled meetings or impromptu huddles. The Commons area is a multipurpose space able to host conference events or a cafe style working environment. Active open space to more focused and privately controlled spaces are arranged around the core.   The site connects with the building core with broad panel lawns and plaza space that support outdoor social gatherings, recognizing that strong collaboration grows from both professional and social relationships.   Effective daylighting of the facility began with the architects and lighting engineers collaborating on the siting and designing of a building form that best optimizes the harvest of natural daylight. Next, glazing and solar control systems are specified and selected to admit targeted but significant amounts of natural light while excluding both glare and the infrared heat load that comes with natural daylight. Finally, the high efficiency LED lighting system and the lighting controls permit the installed artificial lighting to dim proportionally in the presence of ample daylight while maintaining consistent and appropriate lighting levels at the end-user's task surfaces. With respect to installed lighting, the building's unit power density peaks at .70 watts per square foot and is further reduced by the engineered use of natural daylight. 

The center brings together previously separate services and expertise related to ISU’s economic development and company assistance programs.
Exterior view highlights central core that brings all building programs into one space.
Main reception desk is banded with color to draw your eye as a wayfinding element
Design supports the clients’ desire to foster a culture of engagement and exchange of ideas.
Open office setting utilizes ample glazing to leverage natural light.
Main reception desk is appropriately placed to catch your eye, regardless of where individuals enter
Highly Efficient design allows for corridors to be leveraged into program space.
Merit Award
Illuminating Engineering Society