Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Cameo Shooting
& Education
Visitor Center
& Banquet Hall

Colorado Parks & Wildlife
Palisade, CO

A world-class facility  offering more than 1500 acres of unique, rugged terrain. 

žžƵ and IBG planned and designed this world-class shooting facility in partnership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Informed by competitive sport shooters, rangers and local public safety representatives, our team imagined a facility that would serve many purposes. First, the opportunity to host national and international sport shooting competitions, driving economic growth in the area. Second, a state-of-the-art training center for police officers, sheriff officers and CPW rangers. Third, an educational facility for teaching the community about firearm safety, sport shooting and hunting.   

IBG completed the initial master plan in 2016, focusing on the business viability of the facility and determining the best use of indoor and outdoor space to serve the needs of the diverse stakeholders. žžƵ continued the design and planning process, working with challenging topography to create a design that is both striking and safe for users and the local environment. The Cameo Complex is pursuing LEED Gold sustainability standards and carefully considering its impact on the nearby Colorado River and the surrounding watershed. Locally produced masonry products and existing site materials situate the design in its unique landscape.   

The design reflects the rugged, durable environment of the high desert and offers an opportunity for connection to the outdoors, encourages a sportsmanlike community and creates an unparalleled destination in the community. 

The main entrance and native gardens surrounding the education complex.