Commercial, Multifamily, Education, Worship

John Sova, AIA is a managing principal at žžƵ with more than 40 years of experience strengthening the firm's commitment to innovative design and thoughtful planning.

Through his advocacy for a culture of trust and collaboration, John fosters an environment where individuals are encouraged to bring new ideas forward. His overarching aim is to inspire and support, ensuring each žžƵer feels valued and motivated to realize their potential. He believes each individual’s growth and participation not only make žžƵ a better place but also help grow the firm, in turn providing more opportunities for those same individuals.

Since joining the firm in 1981, John has assumed diverse roles such as project architect, project director and principal-in-charge, contributing to hundreds of projects. His design portfolio spans multiple markets, including work for žžƵ's College & University, Commercial, Education, and Worship markets. John has comprehensive experience with all project phases, from master planning to construction administration.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, John extends his knowledge and passion to aspiring architects as a guest lecturer at UNL’s College of Architecture and as a member of the college's Professional Advisory Council.

John is an active member of the Design Futures Council and the Coxe Group's Design Network Roundtable, where he engages in insightful discussions and collaborates with fellow thought leaders to shape the future of the design field.